UCL/IAMS Archaeometallurgy bursaries

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The Institute for Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies (IAMS) and the UCL Institute of Archaeology invite applications for two student bursaries for postgraduate studies in archaeometallurgy leading to an MSc degree.


  • IAMS Bursary in Archaeometallurgy (£5,000)
  • Ronald F. Tylecote Bursary in Archaeometallurgy (£5,000)

Application procedure:

Any candidates accepted for the MSc in the Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials are eligible for either bursary, provided that they express a commitment to write a dissertation on an archaeometallurgical topic. Students are welcome to suggest their own dissertation topics at the time of applying, but this is not a requisite.

In the personal statement accompanying their application to the MSc, they should include a brief comment expressing their interest in being considered for the above bursaries. logo UCL

Applications will be assessed based on the academic merit of the applicants and their statements.

 Deadline: 1 June 2016

Any enquiries about the bursaries may be directed to Marcos Martinon-Torres (m.martinon-torres@ucl.ac.uk)
Enquiries about the Masters degree programmes offered by the Institute should be directed to the Institute's Graduate Programmes Administrator, Lisa Daniel.