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The post involves teaching in the courses of conservation of inorganic materials and preventive conservation. You deliver the practical demonstrations in conservation of ceramics, glass, metals and stone of the courses, deliver the course Preventive Conservation and potentially supervise students during their bachelor thesis (15 ECTS).
The two courses on Conservation of Inorganic materials, aim to provide students with knowledge and skills in the preservation of archaeological, ethnographic, and historical objects made of inorganic materials. The courses discuss material characteristics, manufacturing techniques and deterioration mechanisms, how they are linked and affect the condition of the objects and thus the choice of conservation measures. Different treatment methods are discussed in theory and supplemented with practical skills training. The practical work also includes the conservation of a smaller number of objects.
The course on Preventive conservation includes both theoretical and practical aspects, covering the agents of deterioration and their effect on collections. Knowledge on risk management in museum will be considered an advantage.

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