Scientist: inorganic analysis/metals (London)

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The British Museum is seeking a Scientist: Inorganic Analysis/Metals to focus on the scientific examination and analysis of inorganic objects, especially metals, within the British Museum collection, and to deliver publicly-accessible research outputs in support of Museum priorities.
Key Areas of Responsibility:
- To undertake compositional analysis of inorganic objects, especially metals, using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and other techniques, including X-ray diffraction.
- To determine the identity, provenance, and technology of inorganic objects, especially metals, in the collection according to research goals and priorities.
- To support and maintain the facilities for XRF, training and advising other users, managing data storage and ensuring best practice in laboratory health and safety, including Radiation Protection and risk assessments.
- To develop new projects within the area of metals analysis.

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