Research Engineer in Computer Graphics

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Accurate visualization of ancient historical artefacts

The Patrimalp cross-disciplinary project brings together researchers in art history, archeology, physics and computer science. The goal is to enhance the understanding and restitution of historical artefacts. Patrimalp is hiring a Research Engineer for 18 months, to work on the restitution of archeological and historical artefacts.
The goal is to develop a software for the interactive visualization of historical artefacts, reconstructing the aspect they had initially: taking as input the geometry of the artefact, for example a statue, acquired by telemetry or photogrammetry, and information about the chemical composition of the material, usually multi- layered coatings, create photorealistic images of the artefact as it was on its first day.

Deadline January 20th at the latest


[Job offer - PDF313.59 Ko]