Postdoc at The Cyprus institute

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3 years fixed term

Description of the position

The Post-doctoral Fellow will be expected to conduct independent research on a project in the pre-modern production of metals, glass and technical ceramics, and with direct relevance to Cyprus and / or the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans or the Middle East. It is expected that the successful candidate will suggest their own research topic, including where relevant demonstrating that they have access to the necessary research material (including sampling and export permits where required). Preference will be given to applicants whose projects are innovative and collaborative, and who can demonstrate how their own research will benefit from regular interaction with Professor Rehren and other colleagues at STARC / CyI.

The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the development of archaeological materials science research at STARC, including a modest amount of service work and cooperative research with colleagues at STARC, CyI or elsewhere in Nicosia. His/her research should be based predominantly on the locally available analytical equipment (primarily optical and scanning electron microscopy; pXRF; FTIR); funds for external analytical services are limited.