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The Soil Geography and Landscape chair group of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has an outstanding reputation in scientific research and education in the area of Soil Geography, Landscape and Earth Surface Dynamics. A vacancy has become available for a full professor and chair of the Soil Geography and Landscape (SGL) chair group. The mission of the SGL group is to improve and share understanding of patterns and dynamics of soils, landscapes and earth surface dynamics and their drivers, like climate change and human-landscape interactions. The group uses integrative approaches that combine biophysical and anthropogenic elements to gain insight in past, present and future system dynamics. Through this, the SGL group aims to support system-based solutions in land management and spatial planning, sustainable management of soils, landscapes and ecosystems (e.g. sandy, riverine, deltaic and urban), and protection of cultural and geoheritage. Together with fellow staff members, you will be responsible for the academic and operational management, including finances and HR, of this chair group. In collaboration, you will define the research strategy, and lead the team of academic and support staff in an inclusive and motivating way. You will use your scientific expertise and network to support academic development, to increase the visibility of the group’s research and its societal impact, (co)create new research directions, and develop externally funded research programs. You will also contribute to education and innovations in BSc, MSc and PhD courses, with the objective of upholding and strengthening the excellent reputation and position of WUR in higher education. Fieldwork in education is a core component of the teaching philosophy of the SGL group and highly valued by its students.

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