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Relevant to tasks, the LOA Technician reports to LOA Manager who organizes work with the LOA Director and faculty. The technician will Interacts and liaises with the faculty, staff and students of the Department of Anthropology, Museum of Anthropology, and visitors from other academic, governmental institutions and industries as well as First Nations communities. Work is supervised by the LOA Manager and is reviewed in terms of achievement of general and specific goals. This individual will be responsible for daily activities in the LOA labs, will ensure that collections, supplies, and facilities are prepared for users and that samples and collections are correctly stored and equipment is maintained. The LOA Technician will demonstrate efficiency and timeliness in all tasks assigned to them. The LOA Technician performs most duties independently or with student assistants working under their supervision. The technician would be responsible for monitoring and undertaking experiments in LOA laboratory facilities in the Anthropology and Sociology building (ANSO), Museum of Anthropology (MOA), and Iona building (IONA), and ensuring that laboratory safety procedures are up to date and that appropriate safety training is undertaken by users. The laboratory facilities include the full suite of LOA research and teaching laboratories in ANSO and MOA, including the specialized Ancient DNA and Proteins (ADαPT) Facility and Multi-Species Laboratory (MSL), which involve specialized biomolecular analyses.

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