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The University of Stavanger invites applicants for a position as Associate Professor in Archaeobotany with specialization in Palynology at the Museum of Archaeology, Department of Cultural Heritage. The subject area for the position is Archaeobotany with specialization in Palynology within the Holocene period with emphasis on human development in Norwegian prehistory. Projects and analyses will be carried out from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages (9800 BC to ca. AD 1536). As an Associate Professor, you will mainly work within statutory tasks in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Act, including predominantly material from archaeological excavations, conduct research and disseminate research results within relevant research areas at the department. The work and research are mainly from an archaeobotanical perspective on Norwegian material, with links and parallels to relevant European conditions. The work is mainly interdisciplinary, in order to answer questions related to human impact in prehistory. Applicants must have specialization in pollen analysis from prehistoric times; additional expertise in the analysis of other micro-residues such as NPP (Non-pollen palynomorphs), phytoliths, isotopes and macro-residue is an advantage. Knowledge of Norwegian/North-European flora is required, as well as the ability to perform botanical fieldwork on administrative archaeological projects and reporting.

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