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We seek a new colleague with expertise in using traditional radiogenic isotopes and non-traditional heavy stable isotopes to address geoscientific questions and for tracing and provenancing of archaeological materials. The successful candidate will be expected to develop an international research portfolio and attract research funds within their area of expertise, and to collaborate with partners both within and outside of the institute. The candidate will also be expected to develop a teaching programme at both an introductory bachelor level and at more advanced levels. We expect the candidate to be able to teach in Danish after ca. 5 years. The geology section has a long tradition of teaching and research in petrology and geochemistry and has access to analytical facilities including electron microprobe, powder-XRD, micro-XRF, TIMS, ICP-OES and LA-ICPMS. It will thus be an advantage if the candidate already has experience with these instruments and can apply them in their research.

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