Research scientists in ESR and uranium series dating

A temporary (max. 5 years) full-time position as Research Scientist in ESR and Luminescence Dating is available for applications in the CENIEH and other as Research Scientist in Uranium Series in the CENIEH.  The CENIEH is a Research Centre part of the Spanish national network of Unique Science & Technology Infrastructures (ICTS) open to scientific and technological use for the national and international scientific and technological community.

CENIEH harbours the most modern technologies for the development of a high quality research. Laboratories (Arqueomagnetims, Electro Spin Resonance, Luminescence, Uranium-Series, etc), support services and working spaces are equipped to achieve the highest standards of research and services to the industry and the society.

These temporaries positions will mainly involve to execute the candidate’s Research Project (developing new measurement techniques and analytical protocols in luminescence dating), oversee the development and implementation methods by the luminescence/u-series dating laboratory technician and collaborate actively in his/her training plan, and support and collaborate in the assessment and providing services to users of Luminescence laboratory.

For requirements, details and further information about the selection procedure, visit the vacancies section of CENIEH web site