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Designs or directs the development of unique or leading-edge technology, instrumentation, or systems to meet specific scientific or mission requirements. Serves as a technical expert within a specialized field of heritage science, e.g. chemistry, polymers, etc. Develops methodology for separation and characterization of heritage materials, including degradation products formed in the aging of a variety of materials of which library collections are composed. Calibrates and repairs various instruments such as high pressure liquid chromatographs, gas chromatographs, ion chromatographs, mass spectrometers, lasers, microscopes, infrared and other spectroscopic instrumentation etc., that are routinely used to perform the necessary analyses. Sets up and operates new instruments. Incumbent operates sophisticated laboratory instruments and equipment. Plans projects to solve technical heritage science challenges for which definitions, methods, and/or data are highly incomplete, controversial or uncertain. Independently plans projects and provides guidance for lower level staff. Performs a literature search to find any applicable or related methods and information about the chemistry, mechanics and optical properties of the materials being studied. Develops new chemical analytical procedures. Establishes new criteria or develops new methods and techniques for solving a variety of chemical problems with unprecedented and obscure aspects. Has wide latitude for the exercise of independent judgment to perform work of unusual difficulty and responsibility. Serves as a leading heritage scientist in chemical, physical or optical analysis and interpretation. Performs or directs analyses of samples that require technical expertise and/or use of advanced analytical instruments. Devises new or modified methods based on the chemical and physical properties of the materials involved and the availability of instruments to perform the analyses; devises further modifications of methods following their application, to correct problems or to further improve the methods. Researches and develops new and original conservation techniques and procedures. Conducts original and novel research programs to determine properties and effects of a wide range of physical and chemical variables on the preservation of a variety of materials.

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