Palaeoenvironmental archaeologist (Durham)

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Archaeological Services Durham University provides archaeological and heritage services to the development industry. As part of the Archaeology Department, it also supports departmental teaching and research, for example through the provision of income generation, research, fieldwork and student training programmes. Our Palaeoenvironmental Archaeology Service has been established for over 25 years and incorporates the full range of palaeoenvironmental studies, from the recovery and identification of carbonised seeds from archaeological excavations and evaluations, to the assessment and analysis of ancient environments uncovered by schemes such as quarrying or drainage. Our work is supported by state of the art laboratory facilities and extensive reference collections. The purpose of the role is to complete the assessment and analysis of plant macrofossil and wood/charcoal remains and produce reports on them for a wide range of archaeological projects conducted through Archaeological Services. It is a development role, such that skills and attributes can be acquired to allow progression to a high grade.

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