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The application of genetics to Archaeology is a rapidly growing research area applicable to a wide a range of archaeological sub-disciplines. A permanent research-based position as Associate Professor in Archaeogenomics/Archaeogenetics is available at the Arctic University Museum of Norway (UM) in order to develop this field in Northern Norway and wider afield. The position is affiliated with the newly established UiT- Aurora Centre for Arctic Ecosystem Genomics (ArcEcoGen) which is developing a research community focused on the application of genetic concepts and methodologies to a number of disciplines including Archaeology/Anthropology. The post is open to both existing practitioners of archaeogenetic research (e.g population genetics etc.) but also others with a background in scientific archaeology who want to develop archaeogenetic research. The workplace is at UiT in The Arctic University Museum of Norway and Academy of Fine Arts (UMAK) at the Museum Campus in Tromsø. We invite applicants from any area of archaeology or related fields who feel that they can: develop research in any area of the application of ancient DNA (aDNA) to archaeology with special reference to northern artefacts, ecofacts (incl. human bone) and environments; strengthen the museum in the field of scientific archaeology by providing or developing skills in topics as archaeozoology, archaeobotany, ecology, palaeoecology and proteomics; contribute to the overall research focus of assessing the key processes and synthesizing the effects of biota, human land use and climate change using new molecular data combined with traditional Archaeological proxies, involving the investigation of niche construction over time that includes anthropogenic influence.

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