Associate professor in archaeogenomics (Tromsø)

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The Arctic University Museum of Norway has a vacancy for a position as associate professor in archaeogenomics. The position is affiliated with the newly established UiT- Aurora Centre for Arctic Ecosystem Genomics (ArcEcoGen). In regard of research the person to be hired is expected to: develop our research in affiliation of ancient DNA (aDNA) to archaeology with special reference to northern artefacts and environments; strengthen the museum in the field of scientific archaeology and aDNA by providing skills in topics as proteomics, bioinformatics, archaeozoology, archaeobotany, ecology, palaeoecology and statistics; contribute to the overall research focus of assessing the key processes and synthesizing the effects of biota, human land use and climate change using new molecular data combined with traditional Archaeological proxies, involving the investigation of niche construction over time that includes anthropogenic influence; contribute to knowledge of aDNA to all archaeological materials (organic and inorganic) and/or sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) to archaeological sites.

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