Synchrotron beamline scientist in charge of the palaeontology programme (Grenoble)


You will join a team of scientists, engineers and technicians in implementing the new flagship ESRF-EBS beamline BM18 for hierarchical tomography on large samples at high energy with high coherence, operational in 2023. You will take an active part in the team operating, maintaining and developing this beamline. BM18’s main research topics are materials science, biomedical imaging, and natural and cultural heritage. In addition to academic research, BM18 will have significant involvement in industrial research applications. You will be involved in all aspects of beamline operation, and in particular, you will be in charge of the natural and cultural heritage applications, mostly represented by palaeontology, evolutionary biology and archaeology. You will (co)supervise students and postdocs working on heritage research topics.

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