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The Heritage Laboratory, situated in Visby on the island of Gotland, is a central facility for interdisciplinary collaborations in heritage science. The Heritage Laboratory has a special focus on conservation science, conservation materials testing, technical art studies and cultural heritage object documentation within the areas of collection management, building management and archaeology. We use experimental and analytical techniques to examine, document and identify materials, to study their ageing and characteristic properties and to test and develop conservation methods. As a heritage scientist, you will participate in the development of heritage science as a research area in Sweden. You will lead or participate in R&D projects with, among others, museums and research institutions, both nationally and internationally. You will work with communication and dissemination to varied target audiences. You will also have a coordinating role for various operational and administrative aspects of the Heritage Laboratory's operation and advancement. Furthermore, you will actively develop new collaborative proposals and grant applications to further the field of heritage science in Sweden.

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