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The main duty is to manage the daily operation of the laboratory under the direction of the head of the laboratory, Prof. Helena Alexanderson. Daily duties will include (but are not limited to): ensuring the day-to-day running of LLL, preparing samples, carrying out data analyses and planning measurements, supervision of and training of students and guest researchers, liaising with internal and external collaborators, research in keeping with laboratory strategy including methodological development, and assisting senior and junior LLL researchers in their work. As a Research Engineer you are also encouraged to incorporate your own project initiatives into your duties and we particularly welcome applicants who would be keen to apply collaboratively with LLL for future funding initiatives both as a research team and as independent researchers. As this position requires the ability to fully manage a luminescence laboratory and to train and supervise junior laboratory members, it is expected that you are already familiar and comfortable with working in a luminescence darkroom laboratory environment.

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