Post-Doc : Research fellow in isotope ecology/archaeology (Reading)

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“Feed the Birds… Don’t Feed the Animals” is a major research project that will investigate why people feed wild and captive animals, and also the impact that human feeding has on the health and welfare of those animals. The University of Reading is a key partner in “Feed the Birds… Don’t Feed the Animals” where the bulk of the analytical work for the project will be undertaken.
As a “Feed the Birds… Don’t Feed the Animals” Post-Doctoral Research Fellow you will develop a research programme in collaboration with project partners using isotope analyses to investigate the impacts of feeding on the development, health and welfare of zoo, wild and domestic pets, mammals and birds. You will analyse samples held in zoo and museum archives and associated historic/archaeological specimens, which may involve temporary placements with project partners. A further part of the role will be to engage in the creation and delivery of public engagement, educational and outreach activities for specialist and non-specialist audiences to promote and disseminate “Feed the Birds… Do Not Feed the Animals”.

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