Post-Doc : Research associate in computational and evolutionary archaeology (Cambridge)

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The McDonald Institute invites applications for a full-time 30 months Research Assistant/Associate to work on the ERC-funded project "ENCOUNTER: Demography, Cultural change, and the Diffusion of Rice and Millet during the Jomon-Yayoi transition in prehistoric Japan". Applicants must have a PhD (or have submitted their doctoral thesis and are awaiting viva) and experience in the relevant research areas.
Key essential skills and research areas include: familiarity in using evolutionary spatial methods to analyse cultural and archaeological datasets, with a particular focus on methods aimed to look at their spatial and temporal variation; ability to carry out advanced statistical analyses and programming using R statistical computing language; demonstrable ability to develop tailored analytical solutions for specific problems; experience working with archaeological databases.
The role holder will need to extract information from published reports and hence familiarity with Japanese archaeology and language are desirable. Ability to complete tasks in accordance with a realistic timetable and willingness to acquire new skills are important, and a demonstrable track record of experience working in large and scientifically diverse projects would be also beneficial.

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