Post-Doc : Research associate in archaeobotany (Cambridge)

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The McDonald Institute invites applications for a full-time 30 months Research Assistant/Associate to work on the ERC-funded project "ENCOUNTER: Demography, Cultural change, and the Diffusion of Rice and Millet during the Jomon-Yayoi transition in prehistoric Japan". Applicants must have a PhD (or have submitted their doctoral thesis and are awaiting viva) and experience in the relevant research areas.
Key essential skills and research areas include: evidence of breadth knowledge in archaeobotany with a demonstrable ability to synthesise from a wide range of direct and indirect evidence; experience working with archaeological databases; working knowledge of Japanese language; ability to carry out quantitative analysis of archaeobotanical data.
The role holders would possess some research experience with sufficient breadth/depth of specialist knowledge in the discipline and of research methods and techniques to work within established research programmes. Ability to complete tasks in accordance with a realistic timetable and willingness to acquire new skills are important, and a demonstrable track record of experience working in large and scientifically diverse projects would be also beneficial.

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