Post-Doc : Human population genetics (Bolzano)

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We are looking for a Post-Doctoral researcher with a strong background in computational and statistical skills and with consolidated experience in human population genetic studies. The candidate should have expertise in the analysis of human genomic data from ancient and modern samples. The project will apply in-depth genomic analyses to the reconstruction of human populations history.
We want to characterize the genomic diversity of prehistoric individuals (from Neolithic to the Middle Bronze Age with a focus on the Copper age) from the Iceman´s territory (eastern Italian Alps). Comparison with existing genomic data from ancient and present-day individuals from Europe and the Middle east will make it possible to obtain a more comprehensive picture of the genomic variation of prehistoric Europe, as well as gaining an insight into the Neolithic migration waves from Anatolia to south Europe and eastern Alps.
Fine-scaled genomic analysis of the prehistoric individuals on a micro-regional scale (Trentino Alto Adige region) and comparison with local archaeological data will allow to explore the presence of a so-called “Alpine cultural group” during the Copper Age as suggested by archeologists.

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