Post-Doc : developing computational methods for paleoproteomics (London)

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Pontus Skoglund's Ancient Genomics Lab at the Francis Crick Institute in London is looking for a postdoctoral fellow interested in developing computational methods for paleoproteomics to uncover new insights about the past. The lab is a dynamic team with backgrounds in computational evolutionary genomics and biochemistry, with a dedicated facility for retrieval of ancient biomolecules.
Ancient genome sequencing has revolutionized our understanding of the evolutionary history of modern humans and close relatives. However, in most environments, DNA retrieval may only extend up to a few thousand years ago. An emerging horizon comes from the fact that proteins degrade more slowly than DNA, and may thus allow evolutionary informative data to be obtained from deeper time and new environments. However, the number of evolutionarily informative variants in paleoproteomic data is much lower than genomes, and bioinformatic methods for paleoproteome reconstruction are in their infancy.

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