Post-Doc : Research associate in GIS, remote sensing and survey training coordinator South Asia (Cambridge)

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The McDonald Institute invites applications for a three-year, full-time, Research Associate in GIS, Remote Sensing and Survey Training Coordinator. Key tasks will include: developing training materials and coordinating the use of those tools in training stakeholders in the use of historical maps, GIS, remote sensing, machine learning, and ground survey techniques, to map archaeological and other heritage sites across Pakistan and northwest India, and to integrate those data into an Open Access ( geospatial database. The role will also involve coordination with other team members and stakeholders in collaborating institutions to ensure effective dissemination of this training in line with best practice and project objectives.
Additional duties are likely to include engaging in identification of archaeological sites and monuments through the use of remote sensing and map analyses and desk-based research on existing sites; assisting with ground-based verification fieldwork; organizing project meetings and training workshops with partners and collaborators.

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