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The School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester, are seeking to appoint Post-Doctoral Research Associate for the research team on the UKRI-funded project, Tobacco, Health and History. You will be tasked with carrying out research optimising sample analysis by developing chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods for metabonomic analysis of small molecules in archaeological material and to undertake assessment of tobacco exposure status in archaeological individuals. You will disseminate research results to academic and non-academic audiences, be active in public engagement and the development of an interdisciplinary working group.
This project aims to assess the impact of the arrival and commodification of tobacco on health in post-medieval Europe. Through the development of novel biomolecular techniques and interdisciplinary dialogue it will be the first dedicated assessment of the role of tobacco in shifting disease patterns in the Post-Medieval period. Through contrasting three different societies, the project will consider how social and economic priorities of the time influenced health and the lasting ramification of these on society.

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