Post-Doc : Research fellow in archaeozoology: animal baiting in Early Modern England (Nottingham)

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Animal baiting was one of the most popular entertainments in Shakespeare's England, yet it has rarely been studied, skewing our understanding of the audiences, recreation economy and popular culture of the period. The BOB project will address this through a unique combination of methods, from ancient DNA to performance workshops, leading to the first sustained and integrated study of early modern baiting as a discrete entertainment form. The project will support PDRAs across three institutions, Nottingham, Roehampton and Oxford.
The successful candidate will be based at Nottingham and line-managed by Dr Hannah O’Regan. They will undertake archaeozoological analysis of bones from early modern baiting and non-baiting sites, and perform isotope analysis (strontium, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulphur) on these remains. They will work with the project team to put the archaeological and archival evidence for animal baiting and the wider context of human-animal relationships into dialogue, contribute to and sometimes lead project dissemination, including (but not limited to) conference presentations, publications and public events, and co-organising and attending project team meetings and workshops.

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