Post-Doc : language technology, semantic web and cultural heritage (Amsterdam)


For the SociAl BIas Observatory (SABIO) project, the KNAW Humanities Cluster is looking for a motivated researcher working on the intersection of language technology, semantic web and cultural heritage. The SABIO project is funded by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network and is aimed at investigating bias in the digital collections of the members of the network.
In this project, we investigate how collection managers and curators create and add metadata to collection objects, and how bias in these metadata can be detected using statistical models. We aim to create a knowledge graph on top of existing collection databases that makes prejudices and imbalances in the data explicit such that they can be addressed, as well as taken into account by users of the data.
Techniques from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly applied in the analysis of cultural heritage collections. Recent advances in machine learning enable cultural heritage institutions and their users to enrich and reinterpret information about their objects. A major issue in artificial intelligence is understanding and dealing with bias; prejudices and imbalances in both data as well as the AI systems can hamper access to new, or less popular information or opinions. In the SABIO project, we investigate the degree of bias in the collections of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network on three social/societal themes: Migration, Trade and Traditions.

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