Post-Doc : Specialist in traceology of bone, antler and teeth (Helsinki)

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The special task of a traceologist will be to study the manufacture technology and use wear on Mesolithic bone artefacts (tools, weapons, ornaments, figurines) and analytically investigate and interpret them for achieving the goals of AMI. Important goals are to understand the life histories of the bone artefacts found in the graves. The postdoctoral researcher in traceology will work in close collaboration with the rest of the team. She/He will do independent research but the results will be combined with the results from other researchers in AMI in order to understand the social identities of the deceased.
ERC CoG project “Animals Make Identities” (AMI) at the University of Helsinki runs from 2020–2025 and is directed by Dr. Kristiina Mannermaa. AMI seeks to understand links between hunter-gatherers and animals and reconstructing life histories of humans, animals and artefacts based on burial finds from North-East Europe.

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