Post-Doc : Advanced mapping of Roman Cultural Heritage in the Trieste area (Trieste)

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Starting from recent studies of our group that led to discover the remains of three roman military camps in the Trieste area and part of the road and infrastructure network of that period, the Candidate will extend the study to the reconstruction of ancient landscape and settlements also to valorize the territory and to implement cultural itineraries and virtual reconstructions. Such goal will be pursued through the implementation of original techniques for remote sensing and geophysical data analysis and integration based on Deep Learning to optimize the exploitation of the large amount of scientific data available from the area. Such DL-based techniques will be a further product of the research and will be included in the methodological assets of the inter-departmental centre for Science applied to Cultural Heritage (SCICC) of the University of Trieste and of the joint (SISSA, UNITS, UNIUD) laboratory on the topic (ATLACH). The Candidate will further design and perform new data acquisition in areas where the available information is limited or missing. Expected results of the research will be new methods (of data analysis and integration based on DL) and new interpretations (maps/3-D models of Cultural Heritage).

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