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We have a vacancy for a researcher position at the department of mechanical and industrial engineering (the duration of the position is 14 months, and is extendable on the basis of the availability of funds) for characterizing the mechanical behaviour of wood in macro-sized mock-ups mimic the composition and manufacturing process of historic materials through experimental works using acoustic emission no destructive technique and simulation work using finite element analysis.
The SYMBOL Sustainable Management of Heritage Building on a Long-term Perspective project funded by the Norwegian research Council and co-funded by NTNU, the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage research (NIKU), the Polish Academy of Science (PAS) and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) - started in September 2018 is working to provide evidence-base for understanding the effect of environmental conditions on historic materials facing both the inherent complexity of the materials properties and the uncertainty in the mechanisms at play in environment-induced decay.

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