Post-Doc : A landscape transformed: the reclamation of Exmoor Forest (Plymouth)

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We are seeking to appoint a postdoctoral Research Fellow to conduct collaborative research on the Leverhulme Trust research project “A landscape transformed: the reclamation of Exmoor Forest”. This interdisciplinary project will address the sale and reclamation of the Royal Forest of Exmoor in the nineteenth century. The sale of the 20,000-acre Royal Forest of Exmoor in 1818 to John Knight represents the single largest programme of landscape transformation in southern England at this time. The Knights undertook sustained efforts to reclaim the landscape, aiming to create a highly productive agrarian estate. This project will cast light on the influences on Knight, who also owned land across Britain and on the continent, consider the ecological impacts and consequences of the reclamation process, and place the transformation in its social and environmental context. The project is collaborative with partners in the Department of History at the University of Exeter.
It is essential that you have a PhD (or are close to completing a PhD) in a field relevant to palaeocology/environmental archaeology, and that you are willing to undertake field work on Exmoor and extended laboratory analysis of palaeoecological samples. Independent travel will form an important part of the project so it is desirable, but not essential that you hold a driving licence. Experience of generating new pollen and non-pollen palynomorph datasets is essential. Experience of applying multivariate statistical methods to palaeoecological datasets would also be beneficial.

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