Post-Doc : Archaeology and Ancient History with focus on Material Studies (Lund)

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The postdoc is to develop strategic archaeological research questions by utilising the technical and methodological possibilities that analyses using, for example, synchrotron light or neutron radiation (MAX IV, ESS) can contribute to the field of archaeological research. Other scientific appraches may also be relevant. The ultimate focus of the position, i.e. which research questions will be posed and which scientific methods will be used, is up to the candidate to decide. In addition to working on their own research project, the postdoc is expected to work on strategic research applications during the second year.
The kind of research questions that may be relevant are those that are linked to archaeological materials in a broad sense. These can be artefacts but also other archaeological source materials, such as osteological, biological and geoarchaeological. The position is therefore open to applicants from several disciplines. The focus is on materials from archaeological excavations or museum collections and the use of new analytical methods, rather than on a specific chronological period or geographical area. The applicant may thus have a PhD in archaeology, historical archaeology, historical osteology or classical archaeology and ancient history, or in a closely related discipline concerned with the analysis of cultural history and interpretation of artefacts and materials.

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