Post-Doc : modelling of abrupt climate change (University of Copenhagen)

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We are offering a 2-year postdoc position for a candidate with a PhD degree in geophysics, physics, or related disciplines. The position is available from August 1st, 2020, and is jointly funded by the ChronoClimate and TiPES projects. ChronoClimate, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, will provide new knowledge on the chronologies of palaeoclimate records and mechanisms of abrupt climate changes of the past. The EU-funded H2020 project “Tipping Points of the Earth System” (TiPES) focuses on the subsystems of Earth that may respond abruptly at critical future levels of anthropogenic forcing, which have been associated with tipping points, and combines paleoclimatology, time-series analysis, Earth-system modelling of past and future climates, applied mathematics and dynamical system theory, as well as decision theory. The successful candidate will work within an international research team at the Centre for Ice and Climate which is part of the Section for the Physics of Ice, Climate, and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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