Post-Doc : Research Fellow of Ancient DNA (Univ. of Tartu, Estonia)

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Research Fellow position at the Institute of Genomics of the University of Tartu.
We are looking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher with a proven track record in ancient DNA data generation and analysis to join our European Research Council funded project: ANCESTORS. How did politics and inequality work in prehistoric Europe? Traditionally, politics has been seen in terms of discrete political ranks identified through differential treatment of individual burials. But this results in classifying much of prehistory, where the dead were treated in ways which effaced individual identity, as egalitarian. The result is an artificially dichotomous history: Neolithic people had landscapes, rituals and ancestors, Bronze and Iron Age people had politics and inequality. In the last two decades this approach has been strongly critiqued and has never been tested empirically.
Duties and responsibilities: Research, development and creative activities, at least 70% of working time; Teaching and activities related to the administration and development of teaching, up to 20% of working time; Participation in the governance and institutional development of the university and social and public activities, up to 10% of working time.

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