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The ERC consolidator project South American Population History Revisited (SAPPHIRE) seeks to reconstruct, on the basis of geographical, ethnological, genetic, and linguistic data, the population history of the Upper Amazon area in western South America, in order to establish how ecology, human behavior, and inter-ethnic communication strategies have impacted the development of the extraordinary patterns of linguistic diversity in the area. The project thus offers a unique opportunity to work in a truly multi-disciplinary context with internationally renowned domain experts, which gives you the possibility to expand your horizon to other disciplines, cooperate with experienced specialists of these disciplines, and contribute to creating new knowledge about the history of South America.

In the context of this project, the Descriptive and Comparative Linguistics group at the Leiden University Center for Linguistics invites applicants for a 3-year post-doctoral position in data science/spatial data modeling, which focusses on the inference of past population movements in the Upper Amazon area in western South America, on the basis of a multi-disciplinary approach. The main tasks of the successful candidate would be to develop spatial representations to model the influence of topography on human movement, and to develop methodology to infer past human movement based on data from a variety of disciplines.
Application before March 15 2020

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