Postdoc: Characterization of the patinas on West African sculpture by immunochemical methods (NU-Access, Chicago)

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The Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts at Northwestern University ("NU-ACCESS") is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow to undertake a one-year project funded by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation to characterize the patinas on west African sculpture by immunochemical methods. The research will focus on the optimization of forensic protocols for the characterization of trace mixtures of protein-rich fluids deposited on non-Western artifacts during ritual activity. This will be accomplished by recording the immunofluorescence emission response from microscopic cross-sections removed from artificially aged mock-up samples before examination of Bamana and Dogon objects currently housed at the Art Institute of Chicago. The results from this study will be compared to a concurrent proteomic study of the same samples.

Application before December 9, 2019

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