Post-doctoral in applied statistics

The post-doctoral project is proposed in the frame of the ANR project IRANGKOR that aims to intensively evaluate the raw material supply, distribution and trade of iron within the periods of expansion and ultimatecollapse (15th c. AD) of the Khmer Empire. Metal trading modalities are a complex interaction between the archaeological, historical, technical, social and environmental contexts. Data sources that may be considered as key indicators of trends of the production and distribution organization are numerous and relate to characteristics of the iron product itself (e.g. composition, sourcing), the context of discovery and the temporal context. Reconstructing the exchange networks therefore requires a multidisciplinary approach integrating and combining this heterogeneous set of data (quantitative, qualitative, presence, absence data). In this context, the development of a predictive statistical framework that integrates the most diverse range of available evidence for modelling diachronic and synchronic production-exchange systems is of major importance.
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