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The NeanderCloud project will focus on the investigation of Late Middle Palaeolithic (LMP) asymmetric tools, the so-called Keilmesser, to understand their origin, nature, and pre-eminence within the LMP industries in Central and Eastern Europe. Through a multi-scale analysis, the project aims at a unique agenda that combines methods such as techno-typological and raw material studies, use-wear analysis, and controlled experiments. This combination of data requires a statistical tool for a transparent and reproducible workflow for data analysis and data modeling. By providing a pipelined system in the cloud with a web interface, we aim to provide fully reproducible results and a system adoptable by a wide audience. The position entails overseeing the use-wear study, together with the design, and execution of laboratory experiments on stone tools, as well as communication and exchange with the scientific computing team members. The ideal candidate will have a PhD and a creative and significant track record on innovative approaches to use-wear analysis with applications to Palaeolithic archaeology. An openness to conducting both controlled and replicative experiments and a dedication to the development of rigorous and open standards is essential. Prior experience with controlled experiments, tribology, advanced microscopy techniques, and computer programming is desirable.

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