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This position is funded by a recent EU Synergy grant awarded to UCL, Gothenburg and Copenhagen Universities “COREX: From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory”.. The person appointed will be a member of an international team developing interdisciplinary approaches to achieve the project’s aims. In particular, the successful candidate will focus on Work Package 3 (Exploratory analyses and discriminative models), and Work Package 4 (Generative models and explanations). Work Package 3 will take advantage of the “Big Interdisciplinary Archaeological Database” (BIAD) – created as part of Work Package 1 – to explore patterns of co-variation in archaeological, environmental and genetic data using a range of statistical methods. Work Package 4 will take a “bottom up” approach through agent-based and related modelling approaches to better understand how large-scale processes such as mass migration emerge from small-scale / more local processes and interactions, and the extent to which we would expect patterns of genetic and cultural variation to be linked in space and through time.

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