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Analysis of ancient DNA is a powerful tool to help us understand the past, but require specialized laboratories and methods. The purpose of the SciLifeLab Ancient DNA unit is to support research by providing state-of-the art analysis as a service to a broad scientific community including researchers in archaeology, anthropology, genetics, evolution, biodiversity and more, as well as to e.g. museum staff and contract archaeologists. The interest for the unit’s services is large and increasing both within Sweden and internationally. The main task of the position consists of evaluating and planning projects, sampling and extracting DNA from the remains of humans and animals, and preparation of DNA sequencing libraries and performing DNA library quality controls for sequencing. Analysis of ancient plant, sediment and other types of samples also occurs. The tasks also include discussing, implementing, develop and evaluate new laboratory procedures, and following relevant scientific literature, attending research meetings and conferences, laboratory management and maintenance, project documentation and writing of reports and scientific publications. The laboratory work is performed in dedicated Ancient DNA clean-room laboratories, as well as in other pre- and post-PCR laboratories.

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