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You will join the research project “Urban Life in a Time of Crisis: Enduring Urban Lifeways in Later Medieval England” (ENDURE) led by Ben Jervis (Leicester), working with Richard Madgwick (Cardiff). ENDURE combines archaeological data and archaeological science to ask how urban lifeways were transformed by the 14th-15th century crises. Focussing on English small towns, ENDURE asks why some elements of everyday life persisted, whilst others were changed irreversibly. The role entails the collation and analysis of a large dataset of zooarchaeological and isotopic data resulting from investigations in English medieval small towns. This will comprise a mixture of new analyses and the collation of data from published and unpublished zooarchaeological reports. In particular, you will undertake novel multi-isotope (Carbon, Nitrogen, Strontium Oxygen and Sulphur) analysis of faunal remains. The role requires visits to museums, archives and facilities across England.

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