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The Post-doctoral Research Fellow will be expected to conduct research on several projects of the A. G. Leventis Professor in Archaeological Sciences, such as pre-modern production of crucible steel, brass making, iron smithing, and related technical ceramics. It is expected that the successful candidate will support and contribute to the individual projects of the PI, including assisting with access to research material, sampling and arranging export permits where required. Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate how their own professional development will benefit from regular interaction with the lead Professor of the Institute for the specific field and other colleagues at Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Centre (STARC)/ The Cyprus Institute (CyI). The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the development of archaeological materials science research at STARC more widely, including engaging with academic visitors and cooperative research with colleagues within and outside CyI. The research activity is mainly based in the Archaeological Materials Science labs of STARC, using the metallographic microscope, SEM-EDS, and hhXRF as the main analytical instruments; fluency in their use for the study of metals, slags and technical ceramics is essential, and the availability for fieldwork in South Asia, West Africa and beyond is expected.

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