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As a postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University, you will join the ERC-Consolidator Grant project “A New Connoisseurship: Smart ways to detect forgeries”, under the leadership of the principal investigator, Professor Anna Tummers. The project is focused on developing novel approaches to detect forgeries. The successful candidate will be responsible for work package 2: “Recent confusion in the field of modern painting”, which consists of in-depth case studies of (suspected) forgeries of modern paintings and relevant reference works. The goal is to combine insights from (technical) art history, conservation, restoration and materials science in order to identify significant anomalies, clues and patterns in the visual traits, techniques, use of materials, ageing characteristics, but also in the provenance history and the artistic and art theoretical context. The Postdoc will collaborate with the Principal Investigator, project manager, conservator/chemist and other relevant specialists. Apart from art historical methods, several imaging techniques and analytical methods will be used, including high resolution photography, infrared reflectography, x-ray photography, x-ray fluorescence scanning, reflectance imaging spectroscopy (RIS), hyper resolution imaging, SEM-EDX, FTIR, GC-MS, Raman spectroscopy, lead isotope analysis and 14C dating. Paintings that have recently been intercepted by the police, at a fair or auction house will be the starting point for the case studies.

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