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The position is associated with NORCLI (Nordic Climate History). NORCLI is an interdisciplinary project jointly run by the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (Prof. Dominik Collet) and the Department of Geosciences, Section for Meteorology and Oceanography (Prof. Kirstin Krüger) and is financed by UiO: Energy and Environment. It investigates what happened when Nordic societies faced abrupt climate change in the past 1000 years, aiming to contribute to and broaden contemporary discussions. NORCLI progresses from reconnecting and integrating data from historical and natural archives as well as climate models to narrating the result to a wider societal audience. The postdoctoral fellow is expected to pursue a research project within this framework focusing either on paleo climate modelling and/or on paleo proxies (f.e., lake sediments, tree rings, ice cores). As the candidate will be working closely with the second NORCLI postdoc based in historical sciences, we ask for potential areas of collaboration to be highlighted in the application.

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