The project will approach the impact of Roman conquest in the exploitation of biological resources in the former province of Lusitania. Through the B-ROMAN project, new archaeobotanical and zooarchaeological data will be obtained in a vast number of archaeological sites, filling notorious investigation gaps. Isotopic analysis will also be conducted on selected elements from the archaeological plant and animal assemblages. In the end it will be possible to 1) understand how biological resources were exploited and integrated in the economic and territorial models implemented in Roman Lusitania and how it varied in space and time; 2) characterize the cities’ supply; 3) understand the role of the consumption and exploitation of such resources in the process of acculturation of the human communities and in landscape evolution. The candidate will conduct charcoal analysis, including the dendrological characterization of charcoal and wood. The study will comprise waterlogged botanical remains thus the candidate must also apply the appropriate procedures to their analysis. The candidate should also be able to contribute to both scientific and financial project reporting and participate and help organize project meetings, workshops and conferences both in Portugal and abroad.

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