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We are seeking a Lecturer in Archaeological Science to join our talented academic staff in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University. The Lecturer in Archaeological Science will deliver undergraduate and/or postgraduate teaching in Archaeological Science, with a focus on topics related to Archaeological Field Methods, Environmental Archaeology, Archaeology Science, Human Evolution and World Archaeology. You will also undertake quality research as part of Associate Professor Ian Moffat’s Future Fellowship project "Dead Heart Beating? Landscape, Climate and People in Desert Australia". The Lecturer in Archaeological Science will make an important contribution to this project by undertaking research in palaeobotany, isotope geochemistry and/or remote sensing. This research project will undertake the first detailed investigation of the archaeology, landscape history and paleoenvironment of dryland lakes in the Simpson, Strzelecki and Sturt Stony Deserts in Central Australia. Using cutting edge methods, the project expects to discover new archaeological sites, provide a new climate record for inland Australia, and develop innovative new analytical and field techniques. Expected benefits also include the development of new cutting-edge methodologies for the investigation of Australian desert landscapes, comprehensive baseline data of how this region has evolved prior to European colonization and resolving why no Pleistocene aged archaeological sites have been found in the region.

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