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We are looking to appoint an analytical chemist / geochemist to be responsible for conducting amino acid research from modern and ancient marine shells and corals under the direction of Professor Kirsty Penkman. The role is funded by the European Research Council under the project “SEACHANGE: Quantifying the Impact of Major Cultural Transitions on Marine Ecosystem Functioning and Biodiversity”. This post will be based in Chemistry where you will conduct amino acid analysis from ancient and modern marine organisms. You will conduct research into the proteins, peptides and amino acids in biominerals; this will help develop the chronology for the material and to determine endogeneity of the organic matter, enabling other members of the project to use stable isotope analysis to track food web functioning across the different cultural transitions. All the required instrumentation for the project (RP-HPLC, UHPLC & MS, microscopy) is housed at the university, including the NERC-recognised amino acid facility, the Technology Facility and the Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry (CoEMS).

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