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We are looking to appoint a Teaching Technician and Demonstrator in Archaeozoology, to support student learning and staff research projects in the area of archaeozoology. They will provide practical teaching and technical support to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying archaeozoology, including demonstration of the use of equipment and methods regularly used in the analysis of animal remains (e.g. species identification, biometrical analysis, histology, preparation for stable isotope analysis, 3D scanning), preparation of specimens for the animal reference collection, and curation and care of the reference and archaeological collections. They will also provide demonstrating support for undergraduate and postgraduate modules in archaeozoology (e.g. preparing teaching materials, supporting academic staff in the delivery of these modules, assisting students in the classroom and laboratory). As well as supporting teaching in other modules within the department, including bioarchaeology and analysis. They will manage access to the archaeozoology collections for research and teaching purposes, for both students and visiting researchers. They will work closely with academic staff to enhance student experience, support student projects and dissertations, and provide support to PhD students engaged in research in the appropriate fields. They will also work with academic staff to develop departmental research projects and public engagement activities in areas related to archaeozoology.

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