CDD : Archaeological field and remote sensing (Sheffield)

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We are looking to appoint a Teaching Technician in Field Archaeology and Remote Sensing. This role’s primary responsibilities are to teach and support student learning and staff-led projects in field archaeology. The postholder will have responsibility for maintaining the department’s field, geomatics, geophysics and 3D scanning equipment. They will contribute to the department’s technical team, and act as the Deputy Safety Officer, with responsibility for fieldwork and off-campus activities. They will actively manage the department’s archives and collections generated through field projects. The postholder will have a background in archaeology, or a closely related discipline, with extensive experience in the academic and/or professional sectors. They will be proficient in undertaking archaeological surveys, using routine surveying, geomatics and geophysics equipment relevant to archaeology (e.g. GNSS, laser scanning, total stations, UAVs, GPR, gradiometer and resistance meters), and processing and interpretating archaeological datasets using geomatics software (including GIS, CAD, and 3D visualization packages).

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