Post-Doc : Research associate in archaeogenetics (York)

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This position is part of the UKRI-funded project RATTUS: Rats and the Archaeology of Trade, Urbanism, and Disease in Past European Societies, led by David Orton at the University of York. As one member in a network of collaborators, the Research Associate in Archaeogenetics will help investigate the history of black and brown rats in Europe, aiming to understand rats’ association with human settlement and communications and their role in disease. This position will be focused on recovering and analysing ancient DNA from archaeological specimens. State-of-the-art methodologies will be used at the University of York’s Palaeogenomic Laboratory in the BioArCh Facility including the recovery of highly fragmented DNA, preparation of sequencing libraries, and enrichment of SNP loci. The Research Associate will analyse the sequencing data on a high-performance computing server, using software designed for genome-wide palaeogenomic datasets.

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