Post-Doc : Energy-conscious preventive conservation of movable heritage (Leuven)

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You will become a researcher in the Building Physics and Sustainable Design Section of the Department of Civil Engineering at KU Leuven. The section's research targets heat and mass transfer in porous building materials, durability of (highly insulated) building components, and the energy use and indoor air quality in buildings and the built environment. To accomplish its ambitious goals, Climate2Preserv assembles a multidisciplinary project team, with KIK-IRPA, KU Leuven, ULg, and experienced industry partners Daidalos Peutz and Origin. The Building Physics and Sustainable Design Section is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated researcher to contribute to the different work packages that KU Leuven leads or supports. You will develop the Climate2Preserv Protocol together with the project team, research and develop a data-based assessment of the hygrothermal response of indoor collection spaces and their energy performance, further design and test the online collaborative software tool, and further develop the case studies together with the project team. Knowledge of building physics and energy in buildings is essential. As are affinity and expertise in experimental and numerical research, and statistical techniques to analyse data and identify models from them. Independence and initiative, reliability in teamwork and good communication skills are crucial.

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